Cheap iPods - iPod touches, iPod classics, iPod nanos and iPod shuffles

We have compared the prices for Apple iPod classics, iPod nanos, iPod shuffles and iPod touches from the brands people trust. Apple have revamped their iPod range and below are the 3 cheapest prices for each iPod model. All prices are inclusive of UK delivery.

Cheap iPod classic

Cheap iPod nano

NEW Cheap ipod classic 120GB

Cheap ipod classic

Amazon price - £171.62 >> 

Pixmania price £178.97 >>

Laskys price £178.97 >>

Apple have fazed out their 80GB and 160GB classics to offer a one size fits all 120GB iPod classic.


NEW iPod nano 8GB

cheap ipod nano 4GB silver

Cheap 4GB MP3 player £15.99 >>

Amazon price - £105.32 >>

Pixmania price - £109 >>

Apple have just released their new nano range which follows in a similar style to the original iPod nano.


Cheap iPod shuffle

Cheap iPod touch

Cheap ipod shuffle 1GB

Cheap ipod shuffleAmazon price £31.97

Play price  £32.00 >>

Laskys price £39.00 >>

The 1GB iPod shuffle lets you wear up to 240 songs on your sleeve, your lapel, or your belt.


NEW Cheap ipod touch 16GB

cheap ipod touch

Amazon price - £216.97 >>

Dixons price £219.00 >>

Laskys price - £219.00 >>

The new 32GB iPod touch is the latest edition to the iPod family


Cheap MP3 Players and cheap MP4 Players

Below are the cheap MP3 and cheap MP4 players that you can buy from us at Buying Cheap.

Cheap 4GB MP3 / MP4 Player


Cheap 4GB MP3 Player

4GB mp3 / mp4 player


4GB MP3 player

WAS £36.99 NOW £29.99   WAS £17.00 NOW £15.99
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MP3 function   MP3 function
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Cheap iPod accessories:


I agree with it

I just love the new nano and its feature that just shaking it in your hands puts the songs on shuttle. It is so worthy.


when are apple going to phase out the 80gb and 160gb ipods and replace them with one that fits all

Re: iPods

They have done that already. There are some 80GBs and 160GBs left for sale by some retailers but Apple no longer produce them. They now only produce the 120GB version.

cheap or wut!

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Re: Woolworths and

Re: Woolworths and Currys
Thanks for the question on Woolworths and Currys. The answer is yes we do track their pricing but currently they are not in the top 3, hence why their prices are not shown.

If you take for example the 8GB iPod touch, Woolworths and Currys both currently charge £199 which is not as cheap as the Play, Dixons or Argos. We are continually checking the prices so if Woolworths or Currys bring their prices down (or other companies such as PC World, Tesco etc) we will promote them.

Hope this helps.

Buying Cheap team

Woolworths and Currys

Woolworths and Currys pricing
I noticed that you do not show any prices from Woolworths or Currys. Do you track their pricing?

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wow! this is kool